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The Central Viaduct, one of Cleveland's original crossings of the Cuyahoga River (the Superior Viaduct was first). A trace of it is left on the eastern shore off of Carnegie Ave., whereas Superior Ave. has both a trace eastern stub and a significant western stub of intact viaduct. This is all that's left of the Central Viaduct, and there's not a whole lot more left of the Superior Viaduct, either.

Through the fence along Huron Ave. in Cleveland, I look southwest at the 1939 Carter Rd. Bridge (foreground, with the lowered lift span), 1953 Flats Industrial Railroad Bridge (background, with the raised lift span), and the 1929 Cuyahoga Viaduct (the white bridge behind both).

Let's get closer to the first of those, driving from north to south. The Carter Rd. Bridge is twinned with the Old River Rd. Railroad Bridge, and I visited at a special time in March 2014 when the old riveted truss had just been taken out and replaced with a new bolted one. The bridge may look the same to the casual observer, but all of the history is sitting on a separate perch to the south waiting to be destroyed.

One more view of that bridge in the context of Cleveland's skyline. The United States Court House is to the left and the 1928 Terminal Tower is to the right, second tallest building in the world when it opened (771') atop the Cleveland Union Terminal.

An old sign lets you come and see both of Cleveland's buildings. This railroad is bringing jobs out of Cleveland.

Next up, we have the Flats Bridge, again from north to south. Hope Memorial Bridge (OH 10) appears behind it in the second photo.

Finally, these photos head west under the Cuyahoga Viaduct on Center St., and you can see the Center Street Bridge in the background (red) under the Detroit-Superior Bridge (US 6/20/42/OH 3).

Bonus bridge: the 1940 Columbus Road Bridge, being rebuilt in 2013-2014 and thus also losing its history.

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