Ohio Roads - Fremont City Rtes. 53/12/6

Fremont and Routes 53/12/6

The triplex follows Birchard Ave. west to Buckland Ave. and down to Hayes Ave. where they separate. City Route 12 heads southwest to OH 12 and thus becomes the best route from City 53 to OH 53, but City Route 53 is routed to meet OH 53 where it leaves the Fremont bypass.

City Routes 6/53 EB at the same junction.

A railroad used to cross the Hayes Ave./Park Ave. intersection diagonally, and this sign was left on the northwest corner, though it was remounted at an angle that would never have faced traffic.

The three routes continue east to Front St. where they break up as shown.

City Route 53 SB crosses State St. (Business US 20/City Route 20) in the first photo.

NB from there, Front St. crosses under a Sandusky River railroad trestle.

SB in the same area with a Brady's Island sign I didn't notice while driving.

To connect to OH 53, City Route 53 NB turns left on North St., followed by the corresponding SB photo.

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