Ohio Roads - Fremont City Rtes. 12/6

Fremont City Routes 12/6

Rare photos of City Route 12 alone, heading west toward the modern beginning of OH 12. This was, of course, once mainline OH 12. What's interesting is that City Route 53 heads west with City Route 6, so City Route 12 is actually the most direct route from City Route 53 to OH 53. (Fremont decided that City Route 53 should meet OH 53 exactly at the Fremont Bypass junction like every other city route does.)

One EB photo and a plaque on the northeast corner of Buckland and Cleveland Aves.

Skipping the City Route 53 triplex, which you can see at the big link at bottom, this is Birchard St. WB at Front St.

Hayes Ave. (City Routes 6/12) EB at an active rail crossing of the Sandusky River just north of a disused one. They come together to the east while the former railroad below is still active west of downtown.

Looking north from there at the 1926 State St. Bridge that carries City Routes 19/20, the latter of which is also Business US 20.

City Routes 6/12 EB turn left from 5th St. onto City Routes 19/20 WB (well, 19 NB) on State St. The first sign really doesn't make sense in that context since 19/20 aren't just to the right. The whole situation really doesn't make sense because 6/12 eventually come back east to 5th St. so it's probably faster to continue straight.

As City Routes 6/12 EB turn right on Ohio Ave. to stop heading west, City Route 412 magically begins. They then turn onto Walnut St. City Route 6 turns north on 5th St., as I promised before, while 412 continues straight and 12 magically ends. Since ODOT renumbered the northern segment of OH 12 to 412, the city numbering is consistent but there is really no reason to multiplex 12 and 412. They should each end at State St.

City Routes 6/12/412 WB turn left from Walnut St. to Ohio Ave. and come to a properly signed 19/20 junction where 412 properly ends.

City Routes 412 and 6 each WB where they meet (Walnut St. WB and 5th St. SB) and City Route 12 begins. Each of these assemblies is missing a route.

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