Ohio Roads - Business US 62/68 (and US 52)

Business US 62/68, US 52

All photos are WB on Business 62/68 and EB on US 52 except the last one. This was regular US 62/68 until the new bridge bypassing Maysville was recently (in this century) completed, and then it was Alt. US 62/68 for a little while longer until Ohio opened its eyes and saw what Kentucky was doing. US 52, hugging the north shore of the Ohio, is awkwardly along for the ride in the wrong direction; it would be less awkward if US 62/68 were signed north-south instead in this area, and it's almost a toss-up as to which directionality would be more appropriate.

Blurrily into Aberdeen. Why is the US 68 shield made differently than the other two?

Finally, the Simon Kenton Memorial Bridge. Business 62/68 enters Kentucky as soon as it gets above the Ohio River shoreline.

Technically the sign assembly is not in Kentucky, on Business 62/68 EB just after it gets past the high water mark on the Ohio side. Ohio does its part to welcome visitors from Kentucky with an image of the bridge they just crossed (plus others heading west along the river).

Onto US 52 alone
Onto regular US 62
Onto regular US 68

Into Kentucky on Bus. US 62/68
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