Ohio Roads - Business US 20/Fremont City Rte. 20

Business US 20/Fremont City Route 20

Fremont signs a bunch of routes through the city on its own initiative. For whatever reason, City Route 20 is also an official business route but none of the other ones are.

Business/City 20 WB leaving Fremont. The first photo was Frankensigned out of something that said BRI- or DRI- ONLY. Driving Only is something you would do on a road but not usually sign. BRIANS ONLY? "Bridge Only" may be the most likely.

Business/City 20 EB meeting its partner for the rest of the Fremont dance, and City Route 19 SB at the same point.

Old WB signals.

EB and WB at Ohio Ave. For whatever reason, City Routes 6/12 aren't content to head northeast on 5th St. and insist on jogging two blocks west to head north and back east to 5th St. again.

WB photos east of that point to Buchanan St. So add Truck Routes to the City Routes.

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