Ohio Roads - Beach Rd. Bridge

Beach Road Bridge, Franklin County

Crossing this relatively new bridge EB. It's a clear pork-barrel project, a bridge vastly overbuilt for what it crosses and the traffic it carries on a road out in the backwoods of the Columbus exurbia. It's also poorly constructed, as you can see the concrete already beginning to crack. I'm sure someone made out well on this, and it's not the taxpayers.

I took this photo trying to be artistic, but... hey, do those cables look a little... bent, to you? Just maybe? As a civil engineer, I'm making myself assume that everything above the bridge (cables and towers) is only for show and completely a waste of money, because otherwise, this will probably be closed in 5 years or less.

A view from the west side of Big Darby Creek. You can still see the cables bend in this photo. It wouldn't take much thicker of a girder to be completely self-supporting across this span.

More views from that vantage point. It would be a simple and beautiful bridge if it weren't so poorly constructed.

Finally, across the span safely to the east side.

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