New York Roads - Woodhaven/Cross Bay Blvds., Queens

Woodhaven Boulevard, Cross Bay Boulevard/Bridge

Signage coming off the Cross Bay Bridge, courtesy Doug Kerr; Far Rockaway is pointing to Beach Channel Dr. EB, though you could also make your next left onto Rockaway Freeway (which, unlike Expressways, is not a freeway).

There's no great view of the Far Rockaway Line's (A train and S shuttle) Broad Channel Drawbridge from the Cross Bay Bridge, but there's a pretty darn good one from the north end along Van Brunt Rd.

Looking south at the toll plaza approach and the Cross Bay Bridge from atop the plaza itself - kids, don't try this at home - then the neon toll lane signs that tell you who's working where. You won't be able to take these photos yourself, as the road has gone all-electronic with new gantries.

You'll still find the toll building, though (since it's needed to run the electronics at the facility), along with its classic TBTA seal, even though this is now MTA Bridges & Tunnels officially. The seal includes an owl and a beaver, symbolizing wisdom and MIT grads industriousness.

All remaining photos are northbound.

The A subway... err, elevated train line crosses Jamaica Bay's North Channel just east of Cross Bay Blvd., which turns into Woodhaven Blvd. at Rockaway Blvd. to the north. Why yes, it would make more sense to give the whole road one name. The S shuttle terminated at Broad Channel Station.

Although the Belt Parkway has taken over Shore Parkway (as well as Southern and Laurelton Parkways), the name lives on in the frontage road. This is on Cross Bay Blvd. SB; the left turn is actually onto NY 27 EB, Conduit Ave., just as NY 878 EB begins along it.

Another elevated train, the J line, runs above Jamaica Ave. (that is most likely a naming coincidence). Someone decided that bridges need faces.

Under the Interboro (now Jackie Robinson) Parkway, forcing a short-term split into through and local roadways, to an older NYC-style trailblazer/entrance sign just before the end of the boulevard.

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