New York Roads - Westchester Ave., White Plains-Port Chester

Westchester Avenue, White Plains to Port Chester

Just after its beginning from NY 22, Westchester Ave. comes to a decision point at Bloomingdale Rd. The signs do not match.

More problems on Bloomingdale Rd. NB. How does a red arrow end up in the middle of the signal? Let's see - the bottom is probably a dual-phase green and yellow arrow, but what's the purpose of the top red ball? When would it ever come on instead of the red arrow? Separate signal heads should always be three phases, in my book. But don't ask me, I'm just a traffic engineer.

The next EB signs are in glorious button copy. I have kept them separate to avoid resizing them and ruining your hedonism.

Enjoy some more glorious button copy as I head WB past the beginning of I-684 (Exit 9A from I-287) to Anderson Hill Rd., nearing the end of Westchester Avenue's time next to I-287 and the end of the road itself.

Westchester Ave. WB, acting as I-287's frontage road and collecting ramp traffic from Hutchinson River Parkway to deliver it onto the Cross-Westchester Expressway (I-287). The dark second photo for the CWE is right underneath the first photo's support stanchion.

Closeups of the signs on the gantries. Westchester County (I'm assuming NYSDOT has no sway here) replaced the shields before 2013 but somehow judged the signs adequate otherwise, despite flash proof to the contrary.

EB in the same area, first taking I-287 EB traffic to the Hutch, and then performing the opposite function for Hutch traffic. The second and third photos are on the same gantry, split to maximize sign size.

Westchester Ave. is so wedded to being a frontage road pair that it even adopts I-287's exit numbers. This WB sign is in progression from the Cross-Westchester exit ramp merge to the Parkway cloverleaf.

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