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Westchester County

Stone property walls dating back perhaps to the 18th Century, on the SB side of NY 448.

NY 124 is not CT 124, and the "CONN" does not make up for it. In fact, the "CONN" banner is for connector routes, something NY doesn't even have.

NY 141 SB, then looking over my shoulder at the NB side of an old bridge.

Mamaroneck Ave. SB in Mamaroneck. Is Winfield Ave. closed to residents only? Does this sign need a graphic designer, or was that the problem in the first place?

Staying in Mamaroneck, Fenimore Rd. SB under Metro North.

The end of Playland Parkway at Rye Playland. I just wanted the All Traffic sign, but this is one of the more unusual expressway endings out there.

Playland Pkwy. WB under US 1. It's one photo shy of its own page!

Similar but not, looking northwest along Jefferson St. from Halstead Ave. in Mamaroneck, then continuing southwest on Halstead by the train station.

5th Av. WB entering New Rochelle from Larchmont. I can't picture this as ever having been a state highway, despite the obvious state-issue speed limit sign. There is also no other numbered avenue around it, just 5th. I suspect this was named after the Manhattan street, since it connects to Madison Ave. at the east end. (But Manhattan has other numbered avenues, too.)

Oregon Rd. EB is not intersecting CR 2 or Two Road. It's letting you know there are two signals, one each at Aberdeen Rd./Varian Rd. and Beverly Rd. I've never seen this type of banner before in place of a street name.

1st St. EB at 6th Ave. and 5th Ave. (no relation to the Larchmont one) in Mt. Vernon.

Three signs near the Rockefeller Estate, photographed in 1976 and dating to the 1920's and '30's, courtesy Michael Summa. I think I've pinpointed the distance sign to Neperan Rd. at Lake Rd. outside Tarrytown; the top sign is facing the Tarrytown Reservoir and no traffic, but that's okay because old embossed signs tend to be two-sided even when traffic isn't/wasn't.

I have a lot of information about this sign, but no year. Doesn't matter, it was old whenever Michael Summa photographed it because of the old font on the advisory sign and the tapered arrow on top. It's the old end of NY 394 (Westchester Ave.) from NY 137 between Scotts Corners and Pound Ridge. For a short time, when 394 was reassigned to the west side of the state, NY 124 continued to connect with CT 124 before NY decommissioned this part of the road.

Lincoln Avenue, Mt. Vernon
Westchester Avenue, White Plains-Port Chester
I-87, New York Thruway
I-95, New England Thruway
I-287, Cross Westchester Expressway
Bronx River Parkway
Cross County Parkway
Hutchinson River Parkway
Unbuilt Pelham-Port Chester Parkway
Saw Mill River Parkway
US 1/Boston Post Road
US 9/Broadway
NY 22
NY 35
NY 100
NY 100C
NY 117/Phelps Way
NY 119
NY 120A
NY 121
NY 124
NY 125
NY 127
NY 172
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