New York Roads - Washington Br., NYC

Washington Bridge, Manhattan-Bronx

This 1888 bridge temporarily carried I-95 traffic while the parallel Alexander Hamilton Bridge was being constructed in the 1960s, and was briefly considered to be made a permanent part of the new highway, which would have made it the oldest component of the Interstate Highway system. This photo is westbound.

The bridge leaves Amsterdam Ave. by crossing over its WB ramp to I-95 SB. This arch dates to around 1950 when the 179th St. Tunnel was built to funnel WB traffic to the George Washington Bridge.

Looking east and west along a pedestrian path under the I-95 NB ramp to Washington Bridge EB. This also, therefore, dates to around 1950.

Looking north from the east shore of Manhattan. Like the more recent George version of this bridge (disclaimer: completely unrelated), it takes pride showing off its skeleton.

Looking south from the Washington Bridge at the Hamilton Bridge. 1888: doing just fine. 1963: major rehab. Not enough interior struts, clearly.

Our last view captures some of the Highbridge Interchange ramps between I-87 and I-95 on the east shore of the Harlem River.

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