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Warren County

Sometime in the late 2000s, Warren Count switched to a very dark blue for its county shields. These are in the order I encountered them while heading northeast.

The signs are at the corner of CR 12 and CR 3 in Stony Creek, and is brown because it's in Adirondack Park. The river along CR 3 is none other than the mighty Hudson, still prominent despite being near its headwater.

Sights along CR 2. There's a No Trespassing sign right next to the historical marker that tells you to go gravedigging 100 feet up the hill. Spoilsport. To the southeast, the Three Sisters are just across the Hudson.

Warren CR 11 WB at CR 41 (North Bolton Rd.), courtesy Greg Pniewski. The street sign (not pictured) is gold on brown, so presumably this sign should be as well.

On Warren CR 14, courtesy Adam Moss.

Because Warrensburg is inside the Adirondack Park, every sign is gold/brown instead of white/green, even the street signs. And as you can see, it's been that way for quite awhile, since the days of embossment.

South St. SB at Broad St. in Glens Falls. Yes, you're allowed to use the whole sign.

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