New York Roads - Wantagh State Pkwy.

Wantagh State Parkway

Northbound leaving Jones Beach State Park. To me, exits that begin and end with W are confusing, but not as bad as those that begin with W and end with E.

Back south to the monument in the circle at the end of the road in the park in the middle of winter (enough prepositional phrases?), with no one at the toll plaza (either driving or collecting). Click on the first photo for a very, very pleasant button surprise.

This SB exit is only accessible from Northern State Pkwy. EB. The signage treats the street like a route; the directions and arrows should all be part of one slightly larger green sign.

See how confusing the W becomes? In the first photo, the contractor keeps it as far away from the W-E of the exit as possible. In the second photo, two practices are combined - keeping the initial parkway letter with the exit number (Long Island only), and keeping the exit number with its suffix (the rest of the country). Then in the third photo, both of those practices are abandoned on the very next sign! By the way, exit numbers progress southbound, a rarity due to the fact that the southern end is the shore while the northern end is actually anchored to another highway.

Finally some more button copy, NB at the northern end of the parkway.

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