New York Roads - US 9W/NY 32 - S. of Highland

and US 9W/NY 32, south of Highland

NB fresh out of NJ to the Piermont border.

NB at Tweed Blvd.

US 9W hits I-87/287 at two consecutive exits, due to the Thruway's crawl up the mountainside from crossing the Tappan Zee Bridge. This is NB on the Exit 10 onramp.

Old LGS, old shield with old font, both NB at NY 59.

More of the same on Franklin St. NB at Main St. in Nyack.

The end of New City Rd. EB.

Hudson River at sunset and sunrise, respectively.

Something's not normal here, NB.

Bear Mountain State Park-style.

My circle photos are on the US 202 page (linked at bottom), but this SB bridge view and BGS come up before meeting all of these highways.

On the left heading north from there, then east from that point into Fort Montgomery.

NB at Highland Falls where NY 218, old US 9W, rejoins US 9W around West Point because it can't go through the military academy. This sign is at the top of the NB offramp to 218 and one entrance to the academy.

From the pullout at the top of the big climb above West Point, turning from south to north facing Cold Spring to the east.

NB under Angola Rd., Orange CR 9, on the old dualized highway that US 9W follows to bypass NY 218 around Cornwall-on-Hudson.

Crossing from Cornwall into New Windsor across the Moodna Creek, then two older trailblazers to I-84. I prefer the older, narrower one because even with smaller letters, it comes out more legible.

SB over the same bridge.

NB over the same bridge. But painted more strikingly now.

Groovy old NB Thruway shield, probably the same age as the one you can see on the US 11 page. Also an old H. All courtesy Doug Kerr.

An old JCT plate still kicks around SB.

First-generation Newburgh street signs, preserved as long as this house stands.

Plank Rd. NB at US 9W just south of I-84.

US 9 has a lot of state route spurs, but this ain't one. These are all at the northern end of the short Newburgh duplex.

Ugliness and beauty, together at Fostertown Rd. (Orange CR 86, if you can't quite tell).

NB on Old Post Road in Marlboro, an old alignment of 9W that has been temporarily (I hope) cut off for a broken bridge. The only other bridge along the creek, Mill House Rd., was also out at the time, so I bet there was a flood surge and that they'll be rebuilt in short order.

In Marlboro at Birdsall Ave., after the old and new alignments have merged.

On the SB side at Milton Tpk., Ulster CR 10. Anyone for a fixer-upper?

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