New York Roads - US 9W/NY 32 - Highland-Saugerties

US 9W and US 9W/NY 32, Highland to Saugerties

US 9W is one of the last suffixed US highways in the country, but it does not lose legitimacy just because of that. These are NB and SB in the same spot, and the "TO" does not belong here - a "SOUTH" would be more appropriate.

Still at the same intersection, SB. CR 11 is part of a detour for US 44. That's fine. It's also part of a detour for US 55, which isn't fine, because US 55 is hundreds of miles to the west. This must be NY 55.

That's four more US 55 errors and not one NY 55 shield to be seen, all NB up to the Mid-Hudson Bridge. I assume the last assembly is "END DETOUR."

Add these to the assembly at CR 11 and you see the SB direction has just as many errors as NB.

The permanent assembly NB at the Mid-Hudson Bridge. All of the shields and banners were replaced, but somehow the arrows are still old.

More good old stuff from Doug Kerr, US 9W NB and US 44/NY 55 WB, sadly gone now. To see it in its glory days, click for a 1976 photo from Michael Summa. Same assembly, 25 years less grungy.

The other direction on all three routes, only here for Bridge Day at the grand reopening of the Poughkeepsie-Highland Railroad Bridge. The logo rarely appears in a noticeable place. Shame - it would make a nice trailblazer.

These do not make nice trailblazers. US 44 is a US route, please. And East goes on the right, not on top. There's a reason the MUTCD's second word is "uniform." People expect these things.

Big ugly county shield, small cute bridge shield, both southbound.

Old US 9W, Cummings Lane, SB right at NY 299.

Just before the divided highway ends, you can turn left into the opposite of a jughandle to U-turn at this error shield. (Instead of bearing right to turn left, you turn left into a short ramp and then need to bear right.)

SB in West Park.

A cutout bridge shield! The bridge dates to 1957... could they be the same age? Click for super-closeup.

I don't think it's 1950s-old, but this is on Old Broadway, which was cut off by a new US 9W bridge into Kingston. Old US 9W didn't follow Broadway, though, instead passing across the Kingston-Port Ewen Suspension Bridge to the west. I bet Broadway had its own bridge, or at least a ferry, because there's a Broadway on the other side of the river in the same place.

If you take US 9W north into Kingston (or south out of it), look west and take in the Kingston-Port Ewen Suspension Bridge, former US 9W. You should then proceed to take the bridge as well.

US 9W NB at that same Delaware Ave., then north to the end of the short freeway. The southern end doesn't have a stub, but there is mostly clear right-of-way through the east side of Port Ewen to the undeveloped land to the south. To the north, the freeway would have tied into the existing cloverleaf interchange at US 209. Remember the "US" part of that.

After turning left (onto NY 32 SB, but only for a few feet), a view of the top of the stub. The only information I have says this freeway opened somewhere around 1980, but I have no other information on what was planned for either side. Due to development, those plans are definitely dead.

Ulster Ave. in Lincoln Park, former US 9W NB leaving Kingston, but the oldest piece of the road is the now-closed former railroad crossing.

NB button copy has disappeared. See the NY 209 error? At first, it was on all the BGS's as well. So NYSDOT slapped US shields over the top, leading to NJDOT black-background syndrome. Apparently there was some sort of problem on the right as well - perhaps unattended NY Thruway shields - that warranted a second RIDOT-style (white background) patch job, with the addition of crammed text. When a sign goes this wrong from the start, blame the DOT - had this all been the contractor's fault, it would have been redone at their cost. Someone also needs to be blamed for putting "RT. 209 WEST" instead of "US 209 SOUTH."

SB button copy lives on.

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