New York Roads - US 9W/NY 32

and US 9W/NY 32

South of Highland
~ US 202 and US 9W/202
~ NY 218, old US 9W

Highland to Saugerties
~ Wurts St. and Kingston-Port Ewen Suspension Bridge, old US 9W
~ Broadway in Kingston, old US 9W

North of Saugerties
~ NY 385, old US 9W

At top: Inside Exit 10 in 1976, courtesy Michael Summa. US 9 was certainly US 9E once, and for some reason someone decided that it made more sense to have US 9 cross the Hudson twice (with an ever-increasing toll at the George Washington Bridge, but thankfully no toll in Albany), and keep the western, more scenic route as 9W. I'd like to see US 9 on the west, NY 9A extended up the east, and who cares what number Broadway has? It's Broadway.

Onto NY 32 alone

Into New Jersey on US 9W
Parent US 9
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