New York Roads - US 9 in Manhattan (Broadway)

(Broadway) in Manhattan

These are on W 178th St. (yes, it's eastbound; W just refers to the half of the city), before US 9 even turns onto Broadway for its run northward out of New York City. The alternate route for I-87/I-95 traffic is the Washington Bridge, no relation to the GWB, which was to have been part of the Cross-Bronx Expressway and was even upgraded to six lanes before it was decided that the only adequate tie-in would be to the Port Authority-constructed GWB approach to the south. The new bridge that takes I-95 over the Harlem River is the Hamilton, and the Washington just serves drivers who know how to avoid the occasional Yankee Stadium traffic nightmare.

Turned southward now, facing old signs at Broadway/W 179th St.; the second photo is turned 90 degrees to the left, underneath I-95, telling traffic to get onto US 9 SB/179th WB to find the bridge. It's old Port Authority button copy, no less.

Broadway NB, now carrying US 9 NB, at 179th St., followed by the shield atop this page a couple of blocks later. With all these old signs, I have no clue how a state route shield slipped in.

Older street sign at 181st St.

The ultimate north end of Riverside Drive at Broadway. The first sign is intended for US 9 SB traffic, and the second for WB Dyckman St.

The Broadway Bridge, a.k.a. the free way to head north. A little bit of New York County (think Manhattan) is on the north side of the river, due to a change in course of the East (Harlem) River. The last photo is right where the Bronx actually begins, showing the difficulty in visibly controlling traffic under a structure.

You may have noticed some tracks on top of the bridge. They join Broadway from 10th Ave. at 218th St., or in this direction, they leave Broadway for 10th Ave. and head south. This is the northern segment of the 1 line.

North of there, the El (evated subway, not that that's an oxymoron) runs atop Broadway/US 9. These photos head SB from W. 230th St., past the Marble Hill-225th St. Station, across the Broadway Bridge into Manhattan.

Views of the Broadway Bridge from 225th St. in Marble Hill, the piece of Manhattan in the Bronx to the west of Broadway.

Looking west from Broadway Bridge at its tolled counterpart, the Henry Hudson Bridge on NY 9A.

W. 230th St. WB ending at Broadway.

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