New York Roads - Future US 219/NY 39

Future US 219 - Springville (and NY 39)

The future US 219 freeway bridges over Cattaraugus Creek at the Erie-Cattaraugus County line. I dislike when steelwork comes decoratively pre-rusted - architects have to learn that rust is non-structural. This is a structure, not a non-structure.

Details of the SB and more complete NB arches. Steps are provided on the arches for construction, not for thrill-seeking hikers. The steel bridge way down on the river is temporary for construction vehicles.

Looking west from the current US 219 bridge.

Looking south on the new 219, where you can see the southern side of the river in the first photo and the tops of the overpasses of current 219.

Looking north from that spot.

Back down to street level, NB (first two photos) and SB (last two photos). Textured concrete will never be stone.

Looking south at the beginning of the concrete bridge superstructure and then north from that access road for a perspective photo of the new NB overpass of what will become old 219.

Heading from Buffalo into Springville, the SB side is shunted onto the NB side for construction of the new bypass, then exits the future NB onramp to NY 39 and a shield error. The multiplex lasts a short block back to the old alignment.

Facing SB traffic at the end of the NB onramp is a blank assembly. This is on the other side of the assembly, narrow enough for two digits. I presume some stage of construction requires it to face a particular direction of traffic and not a parking lot.

The future NB offramp and currently over-occupied onramp.

Walking west on NY 39 under the new freeway overpasses.

Nothing connects to those overpasses yet except these graded dirt paths. To the south as seen here, the future lanes will come closer together and S-curve to the west.

Looking north from that point; bi-directional traffic joins the NB roadway at the mess of traffic cones.

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