New York Roads - US 202/9W/6

US 202, , and US 6/9W/202

Old US 202 shield in Suffern, WB right before the NJ border. I think there should be a straight arrow beneath this shield, because the idea here is that US 202 turns right under a low railroad bridge just after entering NJ, while CR 507 (Franklin Tpk.) goes straight and has no such problem.

Two EB assemblies and the latter's unfortunate replacement.

EB at Central Hwy. and then looking east along Gurnee Ave. when US 202 reaches US 9W. Stop, then go. But go until you stop before going again. Then stop later.

Five sides of three old blue historic signs along the US 202/US 9W duplex in the Stony Point area. For each sign, EB/NB is shown before WB/SB.

The old highway, West Shore Drive in Tomkins Cove, with some old NB shields as it returns to the present alignment.

Even the older county shields are stretched horizontally in Rockland County, as seen in this EB/NB run. In the third photo, a small green street sign (one of two along the route) tells you that CR 106 is former NY 210 (and still current NY 210 if you use Google Maps to plan your route...). Thank you, Rockland!

Doodletown Brook has a 1928 crossing and a neat hike to an abandoned town.

Advance views of the Bear Mountain Bridge that will take US 202 away from US 9W, featuring Anthony's Nose. He knows it's big. No shame.

Button copy at the US 6/9W/202 circle, where the Palisades Interstate Parkway ends (multiplexed with US 6) and US 202 changes alliances from US 9W to US 6, starting from US 9W NB/US 202 EB. The Bear Mountain Bridge has but a $1 toll, a welcome relief for New England-bound traffic bent on avoiding the $4-$6 tolls in the NYC area (threatening to go even higher).

The 1977 version of the first photo in the previous run, courtesy Michael Summa. The signs are basically the same, but the arrows are larger and tapered in the old fashion, the PIP shield is much larger, and the Bear Mountain Bridge shield has swapped color schemes. The old bridge shield was correct, and I prefer putting TOLL BRIDGE on the sign instead of having no warning whatsoever.

This is on the EB/NB side of US 202/NY 118 just north of NY 35. Thanks to Charlie O'Reilly for being able to read repainted cast iron - the reference is to John J. Dietz, not Oletz, who was an actual politician at the time of this sign. As this page has said all along, this patch is original equipment.

Serious identity issues for US 202 WB around the reservoir.

One of the old signs I really do want replaced, EB at NY 100.

Putnam CR 35 SB, Somerstown Tpk., at US 202 (also Somerstown Tpk. from here west) just west of its split with NY 22. The bridge is concrete, not stone, just one of the earlier designs seen on the state highway system.

US 202 EB/NY 22 NB under a railroad just northeast of their merge by Croton Falls.

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