New York Roads - US 20 - Auburn and W./NY 5

Auburn and west

2nd photo above courtesy Doug Kerr.

No better entrance to the state than with button copy. From Pennsylvania, of all places.

WB up to NY 394.

EB across Cattaraugus Creek with NY 5.

And WB.

Also WB. Although some states are experimenting with Clearview (on permanent signs, though), New York isn't one of them. That didn't stop one enterprising contractor from somehow skipping over the standard FHWA font, the one that's been around for decades, and going straight to the non-standard one that costs extra. Since when does a contractor pay more for no reason?

While it's a nice gesture by Ralph Wilson Stadium to sign US 20 as they did, it's still wrong. This and the next photo are courtesy Doug Kerr.

WB by Wilson Stadium, which has Bills and some other games in it - there is a stadium bypass for through traffic.

NJ-style shields at a complicated five-corner intersection with three different routes. NYSDOT has some signs like this far to the east, so I'll have to blame them. Considering how awful it looks, it's somehow pretty functional.

Something's wrong with that name. There must have been an actual town here at some point, and the wrong person said to the wrong politician, "We're at the town line," and it just stuck. Only a politician could make this happen.

WB at NY 98 and then leaving Alden.

WB over Oatka and Tonawanda Creeks, with a Bethany Center Rd. overpass sandwiched between. Spot the difference between the two photos.

US 20/NY 5 EB in Geneva, past another US route invention and under NY 14 (Main St.). US 20 carries Truck NY 14 here.

Continuing eastward into Seneca Falls with NY 414 SB. I used the power of artistic editing to make you think there's an Interstate NYS Used Car Dealer. Psych! It's a dealership named JCT. Just for this reason, of course. Now let me check in the MUTCD where it says roadside appurtenances are not allowed to resemble official traffic control devices...

Across the Cayuga and Seneca Canal without NY 414.

WB through Auburn, courtesy Doug Kerr except the last photo. Sadly, most of the old shields in this direction (i.e. Doug's photos) have been replaced. The replacement of the shields in the first photo killed the last mention of NY 38A continuing to meet its parent at NY 34 (which it officially doesn't, at least anymore).

EB on NY 5/US 20 starting at Clark St.; second photo is courtesy Doug Kerr. Milemarkers along the multiplex show NY 5 as the dominant route.

EB leaving the NY 5 duplex and starting a one-block NY 38A duplex. 38A begins at NY 5 and thus has a one-block useless multiplex in either direction with US 20.

Because of the one-way pair US 20 uses to get up to the Arterial, the one WB block between them has no number. As you can see, it's signed as if it's already NY 38A, which it's not (and certainly not in the type of shield seen in the background).

Turning from Genesee St. to NY 5 to start the duplex, these is thus on NY 38A NB in addition to US 20 WB.

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