New York Roads - US 20 - E. of Auburn/NY 51

east of Auburn and US 20/NY 51

WB in Skaneateles.

EB in Cardiff to the Columbian Presbyterian Church. I guess all the numbers fit on a narrow sign.

Old and older in Cazenovia. The former (or just unrestored?) battle sign in the last photo is courtesy John Krakoff. In fact, John also gave me a less-restored version of the white sign that you can see by clicking on the middle photo, although at least in that case it's still the same sign. You can see these EB in Cazenovia.

West out of town past Cazenovia Lake.

Continuing EB through Morrisville to Madison. The NY State School of Agriculture is now just Morrisville State College. Regarding that last assembly, the street here is South St., but it becomes Lake Moraine Rd. The top blade should have had an arrow built in.

WB with NY 26 SB, into the setting sun.

Old-font WB shield under a modern US 20 shield on the duplex.

A mostly new arch in West Winfield, but seemingly rebuilt from something much older. US 20 and NY 51 cross North Winfield Creek.


WB at the US 20/NY 166 interchange, second photo courtesy Doug Kerr (only the advance BGS is left). There's more to see - click the link at the bottom of the page.

All EB heading into Guilderland. The highlight, besides me taking a sign photo while driving in front of a police car, is the embossed and cats-eyed sign along the way.

Starting out heading east in Duanesburg, and then a quick U-turn for an old-font shield. Direction shields are comprehensible underneath a shield, but the TO's are a little harder to figure out.

WB, a little east of NY 406.

Albany CR 204 leaves just after the stub end of the Northway, heading toward Slingerlands from the Crossgates Mall at the outskirts of Albany. Traffic from US 20 EB that was directed to I-87 via the Northway is coned off just to the right, but anyone can join that traffic from CR 204, meaning one can come off the Northway stub, make a left and quick right, and get back onto the Northway. That's what I did for stub photos, so visit the Northway page (link below) for that.

The Old West visits Manning Blvd., facing south from US 20 (Western Ave.) in Albany.

Old four-way signals are all over the city. This is on Madison Ave. (obviously US 20).

US 20 WB leaves the Dunn Memorial Bridge as it transitions into the South Mall Expressway. To head east into the circle-stack interchange and across the bridge, follow the US 20/9 link below.

My only photos east of Albany on US 20, EB across Kinderhook Creek three times to Brainard, at and with NY 66.

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