New York Roads - US 9/20

The I-787/US 9-20 circle-stack interchange, seen from the east side of the Hudson River.

Eastbound across the Dunn Memorial Bridge, watching the stub of the bridge end abruptly at Rensselaer. The freeway would have headed east to I-90 where NY 43 now begins - 43 was rerouted onto a new highway recently and the missing Exit 8 on I-90 was created to accommodate it.

Looking at the stub from the westbound onramp, and then looking back at it from where the onramp "joins" the stub - "joins" because there's barrier blocking the stub's through lanes.

Identical signs, one on the EB offramp to Broadway and one on the EB offramp that carries US 9/20 SB/EB.

Broadway SB at the Dunn Bridge onramp. Someone stick a state name on that shield? The Yankee Doodle LBS is on the southwestern corner of the onramp, and it as well as the sideways shields in the first photo point to traffic at the western end of NY 151.

The counterpart Yankee Doodle sign, NB/WB on US 9/20. There are more in the area.

Downhill toward Albany (again NB/WB).

Very old style NY LBS - each region had their own quirks, but the U brace on the bottom is old and rare.

NY has a fetish for signing US routes as NY routes, but they got them all right the second time around at the beginning of US 4. Note that 4 is N-S in NY and E-W everywhere else - its route is basically N-S, up the east side of the Hudson River, and in fact is still close to US 9 and I-87 as of Glens Falls. It's a similar situation to US 6 in CA, and in my opinion, the entire route should be signed in the same direction.

North and west entering East Greenbush.

Another cobblestone gore at I-90, the second one for US 9 NB in just a few miles. All these photos are NB/WB, right up to the tiny-pointed shields.

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