New York Roads - US 11 - N. of Brewerton

north of Brewerton

All NB. The last is an ancient style of State Park signage with only a handful of survivors around NY.

NB in Pulaski. The first sign would make a great US 111 - click for my rendition. Perfect, right?

Continuing north, across Little Sandy Creek in Sandy Creek (I notice a slight problem with those names) to Mannsville.

I think this is just a horrible indictment of the bad driving habits of our society. It's bad enough that we have to be reminded to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk (seriously? I know they're so many points and all), but yield to the blind? I can only imagine the sad situation in the states where this is not the law and drivers gleefully aim at those least able to get out of the way. Again, point values are higher when you can hit a more difficult target!

I think this is much better. The "3000" line indicates that this is the start of a new section, at the northern boundary of Watertown. All highways enter counties with a "1000" line on the bottom, which can become "2000" if it enters a city, and then "3000" on the other side. (Multiple cities can get that number up quite high - NY 120A is an example that has "4000" because of CT border crossings.)

NB and SB sides of a gantry with improper substitution of LGSes for BGSes. No shields and an ugly patch NB, then a distance given on a non-distance sign SB. Take it all down.

This NB sign is of the same ilk, but it has a unique shield on it. I know of no other military installation with its own shield. I've also never seen "Exit Only" get correctly outlined in black, only then to be outlined a second time in incorrect white.

Heading north through construction of a new entrance to Fort Drum, I-781. It was originally conceived as NY 781 but got the Interstate designation in time for opening.

Looking west at the future abutment and I-781 WB onramp at what is now a SPUI.

Looking south and, from a parking lot, west at the same point, the gantry on the north side of the intersection that will serve US 11 SB traffic.

Up to the northern end of the route, but these are actually coming back from the northern end of a different route, NY 189. This is the last metric Canadians will enjoy before hitting the English units of US 11.

Note the different reds and blues in the Canadian shield here at the beginning of NY 9B (so that should be SOUTH, not TO).

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