New York Roads - US 1

US 1 earns its freedom from I-95 at Exit 2B, and submits to the Cross Bronx Expressway in order to gain passage into New Jersey. Once upon a time, long long ago, US 1 went through Manhattan and used the Holland Tunnel.

This shield stores all of its nuts in its cheek pouches, heading east from Webster Ave. on Fordham Rd.

Exit at Southern Blvd. if you don't like throwback parkway architecture. US 1 NB definitely had 2 lanes here once.

A quick look back "south" (west). Of interest is the little reference marker attached to the side of the underpass.

Who or what is NY 8X? At some point before the modern reference route system, NYC had a series of X routes posted around. 1X was the Hutch, which roughly parallels US 1. 9X was a short loop off Broadway on Bailey Ave. that served as an alternate to the Broadway Bridge (US 9), so that also made sense. But 8X? These NB and SB markers are the only ones I know of, and suggest that this would be considered the beginning of Pelham Pkwy. There are only two other ones I know of: 2X was the Triboro Bridge western leg (if not the whole complex), and 4X was Mosholu Pkwy. and possibly the connection from there to here on Southern Blvd. With this knowledge, we have some idea where one might put a 3X, 5X, 6X, and 7X to complete the picture: look for freeways or parkways built in the 1930s.

In the background of the first photo is Bronx River Parkway, and it's off the Parkway's southbound Exit 6 (which includes the Bronx Zoo!) that one would see the sign in the second photo. With 1 being the narrowest possible shield number, the superwide shield looks ludicrous, and that's why I present it proudly to you.

Old shields in the vicinity of the wide shields, at Fordham Road/Pelham Parkway. The other event that happens right here is that US 1 turns from Boston Rd. (northeast-southwest) onto Fordham (east-west) and jogs on over to Webster Ave., where the first non-header photo on this page can be found.

I'm hiding Interstate US1 right here where it belongs because if you scroll too quickly, you don't deserve to see what I hereby dub the best shield error ever. It beats the square shields of Tonawanda by just a tad. Gun Hill Road EB, and I compliment the contractor because he DID indeed provide a US 1 shield.

US 1 SB at the southern beginning of NY 22. 22 used to multiplex with US 1 through the Bronx and then followed Park Avenue into the heart of Manhattan.

Now northbound, courtesy Doug Kerr.

Pardon my blur, but I'd rather not stop too long on a busy multilane arterial. SB and NB, respectively.

Old Pelham Manor street sign near I-95 Exit 15.

SB and overhead in the heart of Pelham Manor at Pelhamdale Rd., since replaced.

Cedar St. SB from I-95 Exit 16, the last exit before the northbound toll. US 1 SB and NB are far enough apart in New Rochelle that Cedar St. has a major intermediate intersection at Harrison St., and still hasn't gotten to US 1 NB by the third photo.

Old shields on NY 120 SB, but not as old as the white sign before them. Courtesy John Krakoff, it's "just off of US 1."

Mill St. WB in Port Chester, just off of US 1. I blame the town of Rye (of which Port Chester is a village) for this.

I wonder whether the I-287 was intended to be placed there or if it's an afterthought... trust my instincts, you say? Southbound.

Still southbound, this deserves a separate caption for being both old and oddly shaped.

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