New York Roads - Tioga Co.

Tioga County

The west end of McFall Rd. in Apalachin and a town-issued sign heading east from there. If the numbers on the patch were the standard size, it wouldn't look awkward.

The reason I was on McFall Rd. was not for the signs but for this house, the site of a 1957 Mafia Convention that made the town infamous. Police became suspicious when a lot of expensive cars with out-of-state plates were visiting Joe Barbara and set up a roadblock. All those nice men in their expensive suits ran through the snow in their expensive shoes. Some got away, some didn't, but unsurprisingly all of the convictions were overturned. The Mafia makes too much money to let their own rot in prison, but the one outcome was that everyone realized the Mafia were real and actually had considerable power - the beginning of their end in influencing how America runs.

Nice "garage." Probably a converted guest house.

CR 33
Main St. in Apalachin, old NY 17
NY 17C
NY 34
NY 38
NY 79
NY 96
NY 434
I-86 (NY 17)
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