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Taconic State Parkway Southbound

Coming to the appropriately painted tollbooth off of I-90 (NY Thruway Berkshire Extension), then past the first exit to Columbia CR 82 (Upper Cady Rd.) to where the highway finally widens into two lanes and the Taconic can truly be said to begin.

This seemingly hand-painted crossroads sign is at Palmer Rd., and the crossroads shown is Manor Rock Rd. As the Taconic's at-grade crossings are eliminated, these roads will either be cut off entirely or will get real signage as right-only exits.

I hope this was named after an event, and I want to know what that event was. I think I'll be disappointed....

Why are the US 44 shields so wide?

To the right in the second photo you can see the EB exit ramp after it takes a tight 15 MPH loop and heads downhill.

The Park & Ride sign isn't button copy, but the letters are Series E-Modified (the font that's supposed to be used only for button copy).

Looking over at the original bridge across Croton Lake, which now carries only the northbound lanes. Drive that bridge by switching sides of the roadway, link below.

An old look at I-84 and another exit that has since completely lost its button copy, courtesy Michael Summa. These photos were taken in the mid-1970's, when shields were button copy or not there at all. Notice that the Taconic had a shield on the overhead then but not now, an exception to the rule - NYSDOT decided that it was too hard to read Parkway shields on overhead signs. Click on the first photo for the nighttime version in button-copy glory, and see another reason the Parkway shields were removed.

The Taconic briefly enters England at NY 117. The northbound side is behind the trees to the left, and the symmetrical roadway heading the opposite direction is NY 9A/NY 100 NB. 9A/100 have an inner diamond at 117, while the Taconic NB has a folded diamond (or half a trumpet ramp) plus a slip ramp direct to 9A/100 NB. Southbound gets nothing here because it's just too darn close to NY 9A/NY 100.

Old all-text LGS, southbound at the end of the Taconic. The sign isn't lying - if you continue straight, both lanes are forced into the Bronx River Parkway southbound, and you're not allowed into the traffic circle.

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