New York Roads - Taconic Pkwy. NB

It really shouldn't be the Teaspoon.

Both of the above were courtesy Doug Kerr.

The elusive third style of Parkway shield, with Parkway abbreviated and larger lower-case letters but without the letters supersized to fill the shield. Read more about them on my I-84 page (linked at bottom). Courtesy Michael Summa at the southern beginning of the Parkway, taken in 1975.

Classic Parkway arch, just north of the beginning of the road.

Rideshare signs are the only button copy signs left between the southern end and I-84, and the two featured here flank the following photos:

This side old, the other side new, across Croton Lake. In other words, this was once a two-lane highway across the bridge.

Wrong font, wrong size sign.

The NY 301 overpass.

Before I get into the next long run, one more Michael Summa photo from the 1970's.

The daytime photos are all courtesy Doug Kerr, and I only know that the first one is northbound. I'll guess at the other ones for lack of proof contrary (though I didn't come up with my own corresponding photos for either the NY 199 1-mile advance or the NY 82 advance). Notice how terrible the shape of the button copy is - most of the reflectors are gone, so the letters are only visible in contrast to the reflective background. It's all gone now and all you get is an off-color directional banner.

And that's all, folks, with thanks to Doug Kerr once more for these last two photos (the page wraps around to the shield on top, making it all 60's-ish and trippy and cool and you want more). As mentioned on the I-90 page, NY 295 and I-295 can exist separately because I-295 is really NY 295I, while this is plain NY 295. The second photo is just past the tollbooths (both are NB). There were plans to extend the Taconic farther north than this, meaning that currently the highway seamlessly transitions into part of what was to be a trumpet exit for the Berkshire Extension of the Thruway (aka I-90). There is ghost grading; visit Steve Anderson's site below for more.

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