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The SW and NW corners of Washington St. at S. Warren St. in downtown.

West St. NB, with separate railroad overpasses for the SB and NB sides.

World-famous Tipperary Hill, home of the upside-down traffic light because it's so Irish that they want to make sure the green is always on top. Also, orange (symbol of the hated Protestants) is very close to red, which makes it even more anathema for red to be on top. Never mind 100+ years of traffic safety, the Irish as we all know will fight for what they believe in (among other things), so the signal stays, a beacon to the curious and interested. You can find it at Milton Ave. and Tompkins St. Considering the lenses have been swapped out for LEDs, it's not going anywhere.

See how Irish it is? The statue in the northeast corner of the intersection sits below the Irish flag (centered, the most important position), and the people in the statue are very clearly Irish. (I have Irish family, so I can recognize it easily.)

Click for a somewhat surreal video of the traffic light changing.

Farther east on Tompkins St. is the St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Church.

The Carrier Dome, home to many of Syracuse's sports, seen from Tallman St.

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