New York Roads - Susquehanna River bridges, Broome Co.

Susquehanna River (N. Branch) Bridges of Broome County

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Exchange St., Binghamton
Washington St., Binghamton
Main St., Vestal (old NY 26)
Center Village Bridge

Heading east from NY 79 on old Bridge St. in Harpursville to a truss you might miss if you don't know where to turn. I will disobey the sign for your viewing pleasure.

The old bridge approach, proving I have parked.

As much as I'd love to walk out on this 1890 bridge, there's something about open-deck trusses behind fences that concerns me with structural integrity. I would also be very visible out there as having ignored a posted regulatory sign, so here are your eastward photos.

Modern Bridge St. crosses a boring girder bridge just to the south, so I'll load you up with as many photos as I can until the bridge ends at a faded distance sign.

Looking south along the Susquehanna, the view formerly afforded from Center Village Bridge.

Turning left just for a moment for views from the east side of the bridge.

Back west on Bridge St.

Mountain Rd. WB in North Windsor ends at Dutchtown Rd., which once crossed the 1888 Ouaquaga Lenticular Truss Bridge.

Driving north next to the bridge into Doolittle Rd. in Colesville.

Standing at the northwest corner of the bridge.

This one's still open despite being 2 years older, so I walk south across it. There's magic in those lenticles.

Looking west on the Susquehanna, since east has the newer bridge in the way.

Back north to Colesville.
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