New York Roads - Suffolk County

CR 95 SB at an assembly that shows off its Z-bars (zig-zag shaped horizontal support beams, perhaps too many in this case). This could use some directional banners.

The oldest county shields of the modern pentagon type that I've seen in Suffolk. I don't know if these were one-offs on CR 12 alone, because other old shields are of the wider "County Road" type - or still older squares.

Or both "County Road" and square. The second photo has a hint of a 0 behind the 7, indicating a recycled shield.

Two ways to get it wrong, although at least the second shield is consistent with the rest of the county.

Weeks St. SB at Atlantic Ave. in Blue Point, and Deer Park Ave. SB, which becomes NY 231 (originally also CR 35) to the south. After 231 splits off as the Northport-Babylon Expressway, the rest of discontiguous old CR 35 is CR 34.

CR 58 EB, Old Country Rd., from the end of I-495. It seems to be the only County Road at the intersection with CR 43, but that's just because the sign wasn't replaced yet. It was different than other counties, which may have eventually clued in Suffolk County that they were doing something wrong.

CR 43 NB, Northville Tpk. in Riverhead. Again, only CR 58 still has the County Road shields. Where did the North come from? Was it really left there from the County Road days?

Another old one, courtesy Doug Kerr.


Bread and Cheese Hollow Rd., Northport. Apparently the place name actually is named after the legend of Smithtown's founder eating bread and cheese there, and not the other way around.

Mill Dam Rd. at Centershore Rd. in Centerport, originally Centreport. The parentheses are clearly an afterthought.

Attack of the bicyclists, this one on Gnarled Hollow Rd. SB in East Setauket at a rail trail crossing. It's a popular design in New York to have the pedestrian being upended by a hurried pedaller.

Mt. Grey Rd. and Quaker Path NB at West Meadow Rd., then the other direction on Quaker Path, all embossed.

Saving the most horrifying for last, this is the Amityville House. It's no longer numbered 112, the original dark paint is gone, and the iconic semicircular windows have been replaced by ordinary squares. But this grinning, almost leering facade is instantly recognizable. If you're interested, head about 2 long blocks south on Ocean Ave. from NY 27A/Merrick Rd. and look on your left. Just be discreet and don't linger, I'm sure the current residents and everyone on that block has enough problems just dealing with the constant traffic from sightseers.

CR 11
CR 13
CR 16
CR 21
CR 46 and 75, William Floyd Parkway
CR 48 (Truck NY 25) and Sound Avenue
CR 67, Vanderbilt/Motor Parkway
CR 80, old NY 27A/old NY 27
CR 94A
CR 101
CR 104 (old NY 113) and Peconic Avenue
CR 105
CR 111
Main Street, Sag Harbor
NY 25
NY 25A
NY 27
NY 27A
NY 110
NY 111
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NY 114
NY 231
NY 347
Northern State Parkway
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Robert Moses Causeway
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Sunken Meadow Parkway
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