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Staten Island

Depending on how you look at it, Safety City is either a really cool way for kids to learn about traffic safety, or a really creepy abandoned city with no buildings or power, but perfectly shiny traffic equipment somehow. Bet you never thought of it that way before.

Another odd signal, Richmond Ave. at Victory Blvd. See, green goes next to green, yellow goes next to yellow, and we're all happy.

Yum, delicious animals, fresh from the pantry. The horse looks especially fresh today, but I could always go for some collie or parrot. Wait, what? This was on Hylan Blvd., but closed because it could not keep fresh enough kittens in stock.

I'm going to start out this time saying, "Wait, what?" Not to the matte-gray car with all badges removed, rusty tailpipes, and a Germanic tribal reference, but to the fact that the exact same license plate is on the next car up, too. And that car has a front plate as well as a back one. What kind of time warp did this guy drive through?

Seems like you could fit a freeway under there? Try the Willowbrook Parkway, which was to have crossed under the Staten Island Railroad here in southeastern Staten Island. This SB photo is courtesy Scott Colbert.

Walking north in the NB lanes. The SB side is overgrown, not that the NB side is much better in spring or summer.

Walking back south. If you desire to check it out yourself, your best access is from Montreal Ave. at S. Railroad Ave.

This bridge is a former railroad over Richmond Terrace EB in Port Richmond.

This doesn't settle whether Staten Island is really part of NJ or not, because there are more of these Port Authority signs in that state than in NY. This one is on Forest Ave. WB.

Richmond Parkway and abandoned I-278 interchange
I-278, Staten Island Expressway
I-278, Verrazano Narrows Bridge
NY 440, West Shore and M.L.K., Jr. Expressways
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