New York Roads - I-278 Spur

I-278 Spur, Brooklyn-Queens Expwy. East Leg

As the ramp from Astoria Blvd. merges into the ramp from Grand Central Pkwy., the BQE East Leg is born. I-278 follows the BQE onto the West Leg, leaving this one without a number, so I-278 Spur exists. I'm not sure how official it is, but all of the mile markers show 278 (not 278I) with a last digit "6" on the second line meaning the 6th county 278 has passed through, so my read is that this is not officially an Interstate highway, but it's considered an extra segment of 278 otherwise.

Button copy is gone NB (inventoried as I-278 West since it spurs from 278 WB, but actually heading slightly east) but says hello SB from former Exit 40. The other signs are each to the right of the previous guide sign.

Parent I-278

Exit 43 to NY 25A
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