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Sprain Brook Parkway

An older-style sign with thicker font survives on Jackson Ave. EB in Scarsdale.

The last button copy sign on the Parkway is NB over the I-287 WB exit gore. A fair number of road enthusiasts might miss it, though, while puzzling over the inconsistencies in the preceding sign gantry. Replacing the small WB arrow with "NEXT LEFT" would help, but the sign on the right also needs a fix in the form of a smaller "EAST."

NB (first photo) and SB (other two) on Sprain Brook Parkway, courtesy Doug Kerr. By the time I took the Sprain, all of the signs had been replaced. The SB NY 100 exit is a bit north of the NY 100C exit, which is where the other two pictures are from.

Here's an example of what replaced the button copy. "South 100" is just gone as useful information, and the erstwhile adherence to standards has been chucked out the window, with "1/2" no longer properly stacked as a fraction and a dementedly deformed 100C shield.

What we've got here is failure to ramp. With a new ramp constructed just to the south at Hospital Rd., this NB exit to NY 100 just south of Hawthorne was deemed redundant and taken out of commission. It reflects original 1950s construction standards, with concrete and sloped curbs.

Curbs on the left, curbs on the right.

Toward the Sprain on the ramp from nowhere.

Back east to NY 100.

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