New York Roads - Smith St. Bridge, Rochester

Smith St. Bridge, Rochester

A mysterious wall separating Bausch St. from nothing on the east side of the river. Whatever 19th-century building this was related to has long been a parking lot, and it looks like the wall may finally be joining its parent's fate.

What appears to be a county route marker pointing down Suntru St., but it's just pointing to the address #691. Monroe County may have a hand in the bridge replacement or the former coal gasification plant site along the river.

When I happened upon Smith St., it happened to be under reconstruction. The westbound side is complete and just awaiting completion of the concrete railing, and then traffic will switch for the eastbound work.

The view to the west and south, with plenty of remnants of the once-thriving industries lining the Genesee River. The future of Rochester is south of High Falls in the background.

The railroad bridge to the north is of similar design to the Smith St. and Platt St. Bridges, a deck truss.

The two railroad bridges to the south are both gone now. The steel was just ripped right off the concrete piers.

The refurbished Platt St. Bridge, now only used for pedestrians, standing proudly in front of the High Falls. There are also Middle and Lower Falls, but those are neither strategically located nor as impressive.

Platt St. Bridge and High Falls
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