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Shore Front Drive stub

This technically isn't any route at all, a stub off the south end of the West Shore Expressway, where NY 440 turns to the Outerbridge Crossing. It was supposed to continue south to Tottenville with a spur to the west, and then loop around the south shore of Staten Island and head toward the Verrazano Narrows Bridge on I-278 to Long Island. Thanks to Scott for providing me with the first photos in this area so that I got out there and saw it for myself.

The West Shore Expwy. SB after NY 440 leaves it for the Outerbridge Crossing. This would have been the beginning of Shore Front Drive EB. As the stripes move in, you can see where the shoulder pavement borders the lane pavement within the striped area on the left. There's nothing spectacular about the end of the Park and Ride lot, except that's where the parkway (Shore Front Drive would have been one) right-of-way trails off into the trees.

Starting up the West Shore NB from the Park and Ride, or the end of Shore Front Dr. WB. The bridge is this wide because there is one missing ramp at this interchange - NB to WB. I would think it would be a great benefit to Park and Ride commuters if they could conncet to the Outerbridge Crossing, but for some reason, despite the right-of-way being reasonably clear and the overpasses all in place, NYSDOT and NYCDOT haven't moved forward.

Walking north-to-west along the ramp and under the West Shore Expwy. overpasses. Part of the path is fairly well-trodden, and part just has lower growth than the surrounding bushes. There is actually concrete roadbed foundation underneath the overpasses. The path then continues on to a ghost merge with NY 440 SB on the SB-WB ramp.

Coming back east-to-south, the wrong way up the ramp, into the sunrise. There was a car waiting for me when I got back to the lot, but it was just a random person luckily uninterested in my journey.

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