New York Roads - Schoharie Co.

Schoharie County

All three sign styles are now defunct. CR 19 is Stone Store Rd., meaning this is the junction from an intersecting road. Photo courtesy John Krakoff.

Bridge St. WB leaving Schoharie. The clearance is 12' 1" - I'm not sure why that's important, but I wrote it down, so I'll pass it along in case you can use it.

Schoharie Hill Rd. WB west of Schoharie. The undersized numerals are typical of Schoharie CR shields.

On Caverns Rd., CR 9. Thanks to Doug Kerr for the original photo and for helping me find this monument to take my own.

Corbin Hill Rd. at Carlisle Rd. just off of US 20 in Carlisle. There are a few similar signs left in nearby counties, but those are all for street names, not destinations, and they're black on white instead of this color scheme. These were probably repainted, though.

CR 3
Fort Rd., Schoharie (old NY 30)
NY 7
NY 30
NY 30A
NY 145
NY 165
NY 443
NY 990V
US 20
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