New York Roads - Schenectady (Co.)

Schenectady and its County

The Mohawk River from I-890 WB outside Schenectady.

Old NYSDOT standard, NY 158 SB from Rotterdam.

Freemans Bridge Rd., the continuation of Erie Blvd. from Schenectady into East Glenville, is technically NY 911F, but clearly 949 was its former number.

Sunnyside Rd. is a town street as it enters Scotia from East Glenville, but somehow it got a state-issued speed limit sign.

Now into the city of Schenectady, this is on the corner of Broadway and Fairview Ave.

North of there, Broadway passes under an old railroad arch. Interestingly, it's emblazoned with a now-popular catchphrase that apparently has been around for awhile.

A tamer message appears SB, along with the year of construction. Bellevue was part of Rotterdam until 1903, then annexed into Schenectady, so it was never its own town, just a neighborhood.

Jumping off of Broadway, this is on what's still known as Kings Rd., NB at Albany St., obviously a historically important intersection.

This older gem is on Seneca St., not at the actual railroad crossing, but at the former one that's now a bikeway. It's surprising that the city missed it during the conversion.

Speaking of old railroads, the current and former lines came together near Jay St., meet yet another line coming in from Scotia, and then cross Erie Blvd. and Union St. just north and east of their intersection. Because I was traveling NB on Erie Blvd., the Union St. overpass is shown first here.

You can see the Union St. trestle in the background, so this sign was obviously on Erie Blvd., but it has been gone for many years. Photo is courtesy John Krakoff.

This lone random overhead signal, now gone, controlled a former crosswalk between NY 5 and I-890 on Erie Blvd. SB.

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