New York Roads - Round Lake Byp.

Round Lake Bypass, secret NY 915J

Photos are from November 30, 2008, with construction complete at the south end and progressing toward the north.

Around the roundabout at the southern end, where CR 80 traffic only gets to follow CR 80. For now, CR 80 is also NY 911U (a reference route), taking traffic between I-87 and US 9 through Round Lake. My impression is that 911U will be decommissioned once 915J opens, because through traffic will be signed TO US 9 that way (and from the looks of it, TO NY 67 as well).

Looking north up the L-shaped bypass, which will be two undivided lanes. There's no need for more than that, because the concern with traffic on CR 80 (George Ave.) isn't the delays, it's the volume disrupting a small town.

Speaking of George Ave., here's reference route 911U. Or does that look like an 823 to you? The original reference route numbering system did not use lettered suffixes but had the advantage of using 200 numbers from 800 up. Because of the high demand for all types of routes, 800-899 were given to posted routes and lettered suffixes were introduced to extend the range of 900-999. You can see US 9 in the background. I had a few chances to grab a photo, but because of the dawn lighting, this was the best any came out.

Looking west from US 9 at the eastern end of the bypass, across from where NY 67 joins for a multiplex to Malta. It looks like there will be a riverside trail along Ballston Creek connecting to that pedestrian overpass.

Photos may be from 2008, but this video is from 2011, driving the freshly minted bypass west and south back toward I-87.

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