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Roebling Bridge

On the southwest corner of NY 97 and the Roebling Bridge. The Roebling Bridge is the last survivor of four suspension bridges to carry the former Delaware and Hudson Canal from NY through PA, and it's also the earliest wire-cable suspension bridge in the United States. After being converted to horse and then automotive use over the intervening years, the bridge was recently rehabilitated, sparing it from possible demolition, and now is open to two-way traffic (albeit as a one-lane bridge).

Looking north at the stone piers built to withstand the flow of the river, now aided by further pier extensions. You can see the wire cables within the wooden frame of the bridge. Based on early patterns such as this, Roebling grew to create the world-renowned Brooklyn Bridge, and you could say today's miles-long bridges owe their existences to him.

The original tollhouse on the New York side now stands as an unstaffed museum.

Pretend you're a boat, and enjoy the ride across to Pennsylvania. Those tall sides were clearly built to keep water in.

The PA side features a representation of the bridge's cross section and construction, even though you can basically see just as much along the bridge itself.

From the southwest side of the bridge, down under to the northwest side. Multiply the cross section by 100 and add a watertight tub on top, and you have a bridge.

Random pieces of old bridge that made it safely to the rocks below instead of the scrapyard.

Back up at bridge level, assorted views of the bridge structure, roadway, and walkway.

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