New York Roads - Riverside Dr.

Riverside Drive, Manhattan

All photos face either south or west, except a pair along 12th Ave.

Riverside Dr. actually begins at the intersection of Broadway (US 9) and Dyckman St. It runs for a couple of blocks before merging into NY 9A/Henry Hudson Pkwy. This overpass carries NY 9A NB over the end of northern Riverside Dr., which was overlaid by NY 9A NB down to 184th St.

This is within the tangle of ramps that comprise the I-95/NY 9A/Riverside Drive interchange. Riverside Dr. actually plays a role in connecting the two freeways. It did not play such a role in the original bridge interchange, which had full connectivity with NY 9A as well as with Riverside Dr. That original interchange was much tighter than the current version and was dealing with a slimmer version of the Henry Hudson (two lanes each way, single carriageway), so all of the Riverside Dr. ramps fit on the stone arch overpass, whereas now it just carries the SB loop ramp up toward I-95.

On my way up from Riverside Dr. toward 178th St. and I-95 North, here's I-95 South, the George Washington Bridge to NJ.

The wall is on the right, the Hudson River is straight ahead, and Riverside Drive is both ahead and to the left. I don't know how this works.

158th St. WB passing under Riverside Dr.

Heading south from there on a rare road between Riverside Drive and NY 9A (Henry Hudson Pkwy.).

With the Hudson River Greenway closed at the time, I was given a convenient excuse to detour east on 135th St. to the elusive 12th Ave., the only place where it's not part of NY 9A. Photos head south on 12th Ave. under the elevated Riverside Dr. viaduct to its end at 125th St., with a last look back north before I returned to the waterfront.

Past 72nd St., there's a Riverside Blvd. instead of a Riverside Drive. Close enough to include these photos of a bunch of girders sticking out from the east side of NY 9A, which narrows down from Henry Hudson Pkwy. onto the 15 remaining blocks of West Side Highway (72nd to 57th Streets). The original West Side Highway was an elevated freeway all the way down the Hudson River, and it started by staying up in the air on these girders instead of dropping down to street level. These are the original NB lanes, while the original SB lanes were modified to carry both directions of traffic in six narrow lanes with no shoulders.

I stopped to take some more photos, which you can also see on the NY 9A page linked below.

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