New York Roads - Richmond Pkwy./I-278 interchange

Abandoned Richmond Parkway/I-278 interchange

I've described the situation extensively on the Richmond Parkway main page, and showed you photos from I-278 on the Staten Island Expressway page. So that leaves this introduction down to just a pair of disclaimers. First, and most importantly, the bridges have been removed. The only access I found was on the north side from Little Clove Road, and that will only get you to the NB-WB and WB-SB ramps on the north side of I-278. That's better than nothing, certainly, but a far cry from what you'll see here. I've tried various local streets to the south and even entertained the notion of sneaking through Safety City on the east side, but haven't found any way to get to the Deere Park stubs that have been left. They do connect to I-278 EB via the unused NB-EB ramp, but I wouldn't recommend trying that because it's still actively used for material storage by NYSDOT. If you're up for hacking through underbrush and manage to blaze a trail in Deere Park, please mark it as you do.
Oh, right, the second disclaimer. I'm not bothering to edit anything in these photos. Some of the graffiti is a little racy or inappropriate for my younger viewers. (In fact, I, myself, am inappropriate for my younger viewers, but I try to hide that in my captions.) Before you go traipsing through here, I recommend that you pre-screen photos for sharing with your little future roadgeeks.

Ramps from Richmond Pkwy. NB

Ramps to Richmond Pkwy. SB

My best guess, after consulting numerous sources of NYC birdwatching (I know, Staten Island is really New Jersey), is that this guy's a Cape May warbler. See how this is really NJ? Cape May's a bit far from here, and the climate's a whole lot nicer. Warble on, dude.

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