New York Roads - Richmond Pkwy.

Richmond Parkway
(Now the Korean War Veterans Parkway)

Richmond Parkway was meant to tie northward into the ghost interchange at I-278 near the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. NY 440 was meant to follow Richmond Pkwy. to Willowbrook Pkwy. (which would have extended up to meet the current stub end of the Willowbrook Expwy.), and indeed for many years it followed the Richmond Ave. corridor to head toward the Willowbrook until the West Shore Expwy. was constructed. Before the Parkway existed, Drumgoolie Boulevard carried traffic as far as Richmond Ave., and, well, the Parkway would never get any further than that, either. Environmental opposition killed the Parkway before it could either be finished or turned into a truck-bearing Expressway, and what remains are bridges and pavement that were meant to take NY 440 into preserved green space - the roadway was fully constructed right up to the edge of that space, and does not exist at all after that, except for some wye ramps that were recently demolished (I suppose before they started raining chunks onto I-278).

Richmond Parkway west of Richmond Ave.

Abandoned Richmond Pkwy./I-278 interchange

Of course there would be non-functional traffic signals visible from the non-functional abandoned interchange. These are part of Safety City, a citywide program with several locations to teach kids about road-related safety. This one's on a closed-off street in front of a middle school, and what I had once thought was my best way into the abandoned interchange. (Turns out there was a convenient path on the north side.)

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