New York Roads - Rensselaer Co.

Rensselaer County
Hopefully I don't have to type that name much more.

CR 87 looks beautiful in the fall, but it begins SB with an upside-down 8.

Too wide, EB.

Malden Street EB in Nassau, which is the old Albany Turnpike Road. It continues east to NY 295, where you'll see a photo of a 1909 railroad bridge that the Turnpike Road crosses just before ending.

The Stillwater Bridge, heading eastward from the eponymous town into Rensselaer CR 125.

More Stillwater Bridge, a second section east of Canal Rd. that crosses the Delaware and Hudson Canal.
For the rest of the page, I'll trace a route from Albany to Massachusetts (part of my Hartford Meet route) that uses only county routes. Numbers and street names reset at major intersections, and occasionally there's a jog of a block or two, but in spirit they're all one road.

On CR 86, Steve Odell Rd., ending at Taconic Lake Rd. in Petersburg, courtesy John Krakoff. That looks like the smallest route marker anyone would ever try to produce. Click for closeup of a more visible size.

Leaving Rensselaer on CR 55 (Washington Ave.) past a pair of ancient signals and skipping on into Defreestville.

The old street sign at the corner of CR 18 (Hoags Corners) and CR 20 (Totem Lodge Rd.); 20 is a short spur that's only a county route until it can get up the hill, and then dies in the middle of the road.

CR 26 borrows a page from Albany County and uses an overly wide shield (well, it is a long county name), but atones with some interesting bridges. I'd like to see two trucks try to fit on that first short, narrow bridge at the same time, either in the same or opposite direction(s).

The highlight of the eastward jaunt was the brook tumbling underneath the 1935 bridge. It was a nice opportunity for me and John Krakoff to cool our feet before heading to the meet.

More old street signs, CR 1 (Muitzeskill Rd.) at CR 2 (Schodack Ldg [Landing] Rd.). CR 1 goes on to become Columbia CR 21. It also has some interesting photos at its northwestern end at NY 9J, so use the link below to see them.

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