New York Roads - Pelham-Port Chester Pkwy.

Unbuilt Pelham-Port Chester Parkway

The proposed parkway would have run from the east end of actually built (though not in its intended freeway form) Pelham Parkway in Pelham Bay Park, northeast along the US 1 corridor until it joined with the eastward extension of the Cross County Parkway. Playland Parkway in Rye, which currently ends at I-95, would have been connected to the rest of the parkway system in this original 1941 plan, wherein the Pelham-Port Chester Parkway would have continued to the Connecticut border along US 1, basically following the path of what is now 95 but with a few subtle deviations. One of those subtle deviations would have gone a few thousand feet north of the 95 corridor in Larchmont, crossing under Murray Avenue just north of Myrtle Blvd. If you go there today, you will see the only construction ever undertaken for this unbuilt parkway, where Murray Avenue now bridges a rather unkempt park in the state's intended right-of-way.

These photos look south at the west and east sides of the overpass, and then north along the west side.

Walking down along the east side of the bridge and west along the proposed Pelham-Port Chester Pkwy. WB lanes into a small clearing that was made for the parkway. There is no other evidence of even as much as clearing trees anywhere else along the proposed path.

Heading east under the EB overpass, I end up blocked by tennis courts. Modern freeway design would eschew recreational facilities placed directly in the path of the road.

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