New York Roads - Pelham Pkwy.

Pelham Parkway

Technically, Pelham Pkwy. WB ends at the Bronx River Pkwy. overpass just after US 1 joins it. There's an ancient "8X" milepost on the Southern Blvd. overpass that suggests it may have historically began there instead, and since everything from here to there is inside a park, I buy it.

Boston Rd. NB at Pelham Pkwy., taking US 1 away so the rest of the photos on this page are on NY 907F.

Looking west at a railroad station on a trestle just before Boston Rd., carrying the 2/5 subway lines over White Plains Rd.

The 1909 Pelham Bridge WB, just east of the end of the parkway in Pelham Bay Park. I think the best definition for the endpoint is the EB merge from I-95 NB, historically the east end of Westchester Ave.

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