New York Roads - Peace Bridge

The Peace Bridge is international but I only have photos from the NY side. The one above is courtesy Doug Kerr.

The old version of the shield is still kicking around in at least two places - Broadway WB in Buffalo and McKinley Pkwy. in Hamburg.

W. Ferry St. WB crossing onto Squaw Island, where the Buffalo Road Meet stopped to take photos of and around the Peace Bridge.

The W. Ferry St. bridge in side view.

At the end of W. Ferry St. is this historical sign. I'm sure the street name and this sign are related.

Looking north at the next international railroad bridge up the Niagara River.

Looking down at the deplorable condition of the river side of the island. Hopefully the underpinnings are a little stronger, or else there won't be much of an island here soon.

The Massachusetts Ave. Pumping Station, 1958, sitting behind the Niagara Section of the New York Thruway, I-190.

Okay, finally, here's the Peace Bridge, nothing but a reference route on the New York side but the most important road in Ontario on the other side, Queen Elizabeth Way. The changeover occurs right at the international border, where there's some strange thing sitting in the river.

As close as I'm getting to Customs with a camera.

More views of the Peace Bridge as the Buffalo meet group walks out on the Bird Island Pier. It extends another mile past the bridge for fishing and recreation.

EB across the bridge during a particularly lightly traveled New Year's weekend.

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