New York/Vermont Roads/Non-Roads - Lake Champlain Br. Celebration

Lake Champlain Bridge Celebration, May 19, 2012

The Revolutionary War waits patiently for its turn to fire cannons.

A schooner waits patiently for its turn to be fired upon. (There actually was a pirate ship on the lake that day.)

It's not every day that the Vermont State Capitol drives by on the back of a pickup truck. This isn't just any parade float, either - it was in the August 26, 1929 parade for the original Champlain Bridge!

So much for restoring the float. A gust of wind was all it took to topple the dome.

The only other interesting parade float was the Bennington Battle Monument. Everything else was people marching and holding things up - like I-189 signs. (Yes, I was in the parade, representing road enthusiasts with friend and contributor Doug Kerr.)

Look! Up in the air! It's a plane.

A bunch of old cars line up for their turn in the parade. Incidentally, the rest of this page is going to be photos of a bunch of old cars. I leave their identification as an exercise to the reader.

The lineup stretches back along VT 125.

What I was able to catch coming off the NY side of the bridge after I was done marching.

Oh, and then came these guys, holding up traffic that was trying to get to the end of the parade so that people would stop staring.

A couple of old cars make the return trip to Vermont after traffic is allowed on the bridge again.

A bunch of them stuck around in a grass parking lot up the lake for petting. Sorry, I thought I typoed "cats" instead of "cars."

You may remember this car from the left (photographic right) side of the original lineup. Since Auburns are my favorite, I've saved these bonus views for last.

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