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Otsego County

Northbound on this road near NY 80. Clearly a reused CR 8 shield, likely one that was sitting around in the shop when a call came for an 18.

CR 18 SB faces the CR 20 shield, turns left, and comes to the second photo. The 18 shields are both on CR 20 WB. The directional banners don't quite.

The remaning photos are courtesy John Krakoff.

The SB and WB faces of an unofficial-looking sign on CR 11D. You may be able to see the embankment of NY 205 to the left in the first photo.

Old sign on old NY 314, now CR 34.

Unrelated items on Otsego CR 53 in Springfield, but least in the latter case, not for long.

This is on Blood Mills Rd. off of NY 205 in the S. Hartwick area. When you have an old sign on a back road and it's not properly maintained (presumably this road is town maintenance, or lack thereof), nature may try to reclaim it. Despite the many old signs I've seen, this is the first time I've come across one being eaten by a tree.

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