New York Roads - Orleans Co.

Orleans County

All photos after the next two are on bridges over the Erie Canal that were built in 1911.

None of the distances are accurate based on this sign's location along Orleans CR 98 NB, former NY 279, but I forgive it everything for the fractional distance. Notice that the writing is painted onto the top sign to resemble the original embossed writing on the lower sign. Photo courtesy Doug Kerr.

This historical marker on NY 387 NB in Sandy Creek has been repainted instead of replaced. Good on you, NYSDOT.

Transit Rd., Erie CR 64, northbound.

Back south over the canal, with a look east at Hindsburg Rd. Clearly, whoever changed the load rating did not have access to design standards.

Since it's right there, let's look at Hindsburg Rd., which was closed in 2012 and apparently has neither been restored nor destroyed since then. It served as an alternate route to Transit Rd. during its 2007 reconstruction, but then the favor was not repaid. All of my photos are from the south approach.

Next up, Bennetts Corners Rd., heading northbound east of Holley.

Back south with a bonus bridge plaque.

NY 31 and more Erie Canal bridges

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NY 63
NY 98
NY 104
NY 279
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