New York Roads - Old Putnam Trail

Old Putnam Trail, Bronx

Let me tell you a tale of the Old Putnam Trail. It once carried rail, til the business went stale. NY Central was the make of this bridge o'er Van Cortlandt Lake. It started as the New York and Putnam Railroad, but now trail walkers are its only load.

One look north before I venture forth.

This abandoned Van Cortlandt Station's on the east track side, for your education.

Another bridge, similar to last, crosses over Van Cortlandt Park paths.

These 2 face north, the last 4 faced south, and that's the last rhyme you'll hear from my mouth.

I made it all the way to the last caption before losing my poetic muse. The old trail crosses under Van Cortlandt Ave. on the south side of the park, then the rail ROW continues south along what's now I-87.

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