New York Roads - Old NY 5S, Herkimer Co.

Former NY 5S, Herkimer County

All photos are westbound except one.

WB through Ilion, starting at Warren Rd. The "S" curve is a block after NY 51, although the sign is a block before. The old alignment ahead is cut off by the modern NY 5S interchange with old NY 5S on the west side of the town.

Frankfort enjoys its old signs.

Nearing Utica, these old signs date to the NY 5S freeway construction in the early 1970s. Dyke Rd. crosses over the Mohawk River/Erie Canal and NY 5S, thus crossing over old 5S as well, so there's a connector road between the two.

The only EB photo on the page, leaving the industrial area just east of Utica.

Not all of the industry is still active.

At the Utica line, old 5S abruptly ends, cut off by the Culver Ave. interchange and an industrial park without a trace. If you go to far, you're on Pitcher St. and dumped into the eastern wastelands of the city grid. Turner St. is the last chance to head west on NY 5S, and it offers this old street sign at Taft Ave., probably also dating to the freeway construction.

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